Customer Testimonials

"One of the things that Nivel has done is to be very engaging with their customer base."

  • John Antonelli
  • Nivel Dealer
  • Golf Cars of Coastal Carolina
  • "I had written a review that was immediately addressed by the Staff at Jake's. Joanna had contacted me within hours of my review. She more importantly listened to my concerns and apologized immensely for the oversight. She ensured me that she would see to it that this was rectified. She had Jordan reach out to me. He has worked with me over the past few days with constant outreach, addressing questions, offering his expertise and ultimately assisting me.

    I can't recall ever going in after the fact and updating a review that I have left, but the level of professionalism that I received regarding this issue most certainly warrants me doing so. I am very pleased with the way Jake's handled this and will most definitely be doing business with them in the future. Thanks Jake’s!"
  • Raymond Doetsch
  • Essex, MD
  • "I spent the day working on installing my ultimate light kit on my E-Z-GO but the headlights and taillights did not work. Horn, flashers, blinkers and brakes worked. Everything I read said I had to connect the right wires to the push-pull switch, but that did not exist any longer. I could not find any wires that I missed but there is a Red / Black / Blue on the main harness that is constant hot, so I reached out to Nivel for help.

    Benjie from the Tech support department contacted me & walked me through. PERFECT customer service. That is hard to find these days. All my EZGO parts are going to be Madjax from now on!"
  • Todd Machiela
  • Boynton Beach, FL
  • "I needed to talk with someone in marketing / sales but could not use the FB call now button. Nivel responded within 5 minutes and gave me the number to call! Thank you very much."
  • Louis Austin Whittington
  • Terry, Mississippi
  • "We recently transported our golf cart to our campground & upon arrival we noticed that one of the cup holders in the rear armrest must have flown out. We went to the local golf cart dealer/parts store & they were unable to replace one. They advised us that we would have to purchase another set of armrests to obtain a new cupholder. We reached out to Nivel wondering if they would have any that I could purchase. Nivel responded that they would try to help, and just under an hour later they told us that they had a replacement for us and they even shipped it to Canada for free! THANKS SO MUCH, you guys are amazing, Kudos to you & your company!!!!!!"
  • Patrice Charbonneau
  • Wallaceburg, Ontario
  • "Good People to deal with"
  • David Densmore
    Midwest Battery & Supply LLC
  • Madisonville, KY
  • "My Dad is a Madjax dealer and his email address had changed. He forgot his password so I reached out to Nivel to ask how we can reset his account so that he can place another order. I got a response within 20 minutes. The Social team asked me a few questions to verify my identity, then sent an email so that we could reset our account. We logged straight in and were so grateful for the quick service!"
  • Stacey Grady Hill
  • Greenville, NC
  • "I said I needed a part to get my cart working as my daughter wanted to ride in the local parade the coming weekend. I was unable to find part #, so I sent a picture to Nivel ‘s web team asking them for a price for the part for both sides of my cart – a total of 8 bushings all together. Nivel came back to me with the part number and the contact details of a local dealer. But I told them my local dealer was more than 2 hours away, so they said, ok, let’s see what we can do. Ten minutes later they called me to ask me for my shipping address as they were sending out the parts to me directly free of charge. I asked, ‘Are you sure it's on y'all? I've never had anyone be so nice to me before!! I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me today. If the world was full of people like yourself it would be a great place to live!!"
  • Eddie McAlhany
  • Branchville, SC