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Pricing Policy

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

At Nivel, we are committed to be your partner of choice by creating value for you, your business and your customers.

Throughout the year, we evaluate new opportunities supporting our goal to provide you with superior quality products, customer service, and value you expect.

In tandem, we periodically review prices to ensure we align to the market. Please visit the Dealer Resource Center for the most up-to-date information. Pricing in this catalog represents MSRP at time of print (March 2021).

Volume Discounts-Price Tiers

Pricing tiers provide our dealers a discount framework ensuring Nivel products are accessible in different markets. Each tier aligns to certain discount levels determined by the dealers annual spend. For more information on volume discounts-price tiers, please contact your local representative at

Price Lock

Products with a "PRICE LOCK" icon are identified as strategic products in the industry with a set TIER 2 discount level for all dealers. This includes products we purchase from other manufacturers and OEMs.

Please visit the dealer resource center for Tier discount information.

Competitive Pricing

Nivel's competitive pricing structure is complimented by the best service, distribution, experience and freight in the industry, ensuring Nivel's dealers are receiving unparalleled value.

Seasonal Pricing

As we evaluate industry trends, we offer seasonal specials supporting our customers to drive business throughout the year.

Account Policy:

  • Open account payments are due in net amount 30 days from invoice date. Account balances not paid after 30 days will be subject to a 1.5% per month finance charge.
  • Invoices unpaid after 60 days will result in your account becoming inactive until the invoice(s) are paid in full.
  • Credit card users must be pre-approved and all transactions on credit cards will be immediate.
  • Credit cards may not be used to pay a net 30 account.