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Red Dot - American Made

Red Dot Made in America!

Red Dot Enclosures has been the industry leader for years. Here are a few examples of what makes them the best.

  • Innovative Leaders: Proudly introducing our NEW DoorMax Enclosure System and featuring the Chameleon, it's the only U.S. fully-patented interchangeable Valance Enclosure System on the market.
  • The Rack: Helping business owners by giving them the ability to fully represent the Chameleon System on the showroom floor.
  • Master class of all applications such as our Seat Covers: Available in imitation sheepskin, acrylic and in Sunbrella, perfect for matching your choice of Sunbrella enclosure.
  • Vinyl Products: Cost effective enclosures available in both Over-the-top (OTT) and Track-style, providing the same functionality and protection, you've come to know and expect.
  • Coordinating Products: Club Protectors, Rain Guards, Front and Rear Seat Covers, Holiday Valance Kits and so much more.