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Evolution Wheels with GTW GTR & Nomad Tires

15" Evolution Wheels

+ GTW Fusion GTR & Nomad Tires

Feature Overview - Flow Form Process

Flow Form Technology

The MadJax Evolution is the first golf cart wheel produced using Flow Form Technology. This process delivers a thinner and lighter wheel while increasing the tensile strength. Flow forming is arguably the most advanced manufacturing process brought to the wheel industry.

Feature Overview - Color Options

Color Options

Our MadJax Evolution wheels are available in three premium finishes to match your next build. Make a statement with Matte Bronze; Stay sleek with Gloss Gunmetal; or roll under the radar with Matte Black.

Feature Overview - Tire Options

GTW Fusion GTR & Nomad Tires

No matter the destination, we have the tire to get you there. The Fusion GTR and Nomad are DOT Approved steel-belted radial tires. Conquer all terrains or rule the road with the perfect match for the MadJax Evolution Wheels.

Three tire and wheel combos in a street at night

MadJax Innovation

The most advanced golf cart wheel ever to hit the market. Flow Form technology is used to produce the MadJax Evolution Wheels. This process creates a wheel with superior strength while cutting back on weight. Available in Matte Black, Matte Bronze, and Gloss Gunmetal.

GTW Fusion GTR & Nomad Tires

GTW Fusion GTR Tire

Fusion GTR Features

  • Directional Tread Pattern

    • Increase traction
    • Improves water channeling during wet conditions
    • Decreases road noise
  • Steel Belted Radial

    • Extends tire lifespan
    • Increases puncture protection
    • Provides a more uniform footprint on the ground
  • Premium Rubber Conmpound

    • Heightens ride quality
    • Extends tire wear
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GTW Nomad Tire

Nomad Features

  • Robust Sidewall Tread

    • Improves traction on loose terrain
    • Enchances impact protection
  • Asymmetric Tread

    • Increase contact area
    • Reduce road noise
    • Improves handling
  • Intergrated Sipes

    • Elevated grip in wet, icy, and snowy conditions
    • Increases puncture protection
    • Provides a more uniform footprint on the ground
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Flow Form Process

Form Flow Process - Step 1

A casting of wheel face is mounted to a rotating drum.

Form Flow Process - Step 2

Heat is applied and as the drum rotates, presure from hydraulic rollers cause the wheel to extend and stretch.

Form Flow Process - Step 3

The process continues until the desired wheel width is achieved.

Tire & Wheel Configurator

We offer the MadJax Evolution Wheels in 3 premium colors including Matte Black, Matte Bronze, and Gloss Gunmetal. Select our GTW Fusion GTR or Nomad Tire to pair with the MadJax Evolution Wheels.

Evolution Matte Bronze Wheel + Fusion GTR Tire